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In this activity, you will use your word processing skills to edit a report on Mount Rushmore.

  1. Open the Mount Rushmore document by clicking on the icon.

  2. Add the title "Carving a Mountain" to the beginning of the report.

  3. Select the title and then change the font size to 36 and center-align the title. You also need to format it bold and italic.

  4. Insert a clip art image of Mount Rushmore after the title. Use the keyword, Mount Rushmore, for your search.

  5. The following paragraph is missing from this report. Type the following paragraph into the report. It should be the second to last paragraph.

  6. In creating Mt. Rushmore, nearly 500,000 tons of rock was removed by either blasting with dynamite or chiseling with jack hammers and drills. Throughout this operation, many problems arose, as the blasting on the mountain exposed layers of granite that were of poor quality. This meant that some of the figures had to be turned or moved. One example is that the figure of Thomas Jefferson was originally planned to be on Washington's right, but had to be moved to his left.

  7. There is a quote by Gutzon Borglum in the 5th paragraph. Change the font of the quote to another color and then format it as italics.

  8. Use the Tab key to indent the first sentence of each paragraph.

  9. In this document the author used Mt. instead of the word Mount. Click Edit on the menu bar and then click Replace. The Find and Replace dialog box is displayed.

  10. Type Mt. in the Find what: box and type Mount in the Replace with: box.

  11. Click the Replace all button. There should have been 5 replacements.

  12. Check the spelling in the document. Fix any spelling errors.

  13. Type your name at the end of the report.

  14. Format your name with a fancy font, and use any combination of bold, italics, underline and color.

  15. Use the Save As command to save the document with a unique file name to your floppy disk or wherever your teacher instructs you. Print the document and then close the program.